Summit Writing Workshop

Writer's Quest: Essay Writing Basics Plus

Workshop Details

Imagine building a house without a blueprint? It would be a disaster. The foundation wouldn’t be adequate to support the structure. There wouldn’t be a logical flow to the rooms in the house. Fixtures and outlets would end up in the wrong place. 

That’s what often happens when students jump right into essay writing before creating a ‘blueprint.’ They end up with a poorly designed essay. These unstructured essays are often lacking appropriate transitions from topic to topic and ideas are scattered.  

This workshop will help students understand and create an appropriate ‘blueprint’ for their essay. 

After creating their first draft, students will have the opportunity to practice copyediting. 

During this copyediting stage, students will revise their work to develop cohesive paragraphs and smooth transitions that will lead to a sense of unity through their composition. 

Location: Red Deer, Alberta
Workshop date: April 25, 2019 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm (MST)
Audience: Students aged 12-plus
Who hosted: Summit Writing Academy | Marina Gabor
Capacity: 18
Cost: $49.00
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